I work with a variety of plants and offer a range of services, unique to each individual.

Private yoga or group yoga ($20-$100/session) Offering yoga to bring people into better communication with their bodies. I can work from my Vancouver studio located on Robson St in downtown Vancouver or over Skype sessions. To check my schedule for upcoming Group classes at Avicenna, visit my events page.

Guided Meditations: ($20-$100/session) Available at my Robson Street Studio at Avicenna or privately from home. For upcoming groups, visit my events page

Recorded, Guided Meditations: ($10-$40) Recorded and customized to each individual. Sent by drop-box or google drive

Ceremonies: ($100-unlimited) Customized to each individual or group. Location is unlimited :)

Retreats: Returning to Nature Ganja Retreat is coming up in May 2019! More info found on The Sentinel Website

Inquiries may be sent to