Gratitude list/ sharing of my tribe

I am happy to share beautiful beings and companies who are doing amazing and conscious work within plant medicine!

flower of life |

We believe everyone deserves safe, clean, affordable access. Now.

We start with healthy, happy plants grown by conscious farmers who care. We use organic ingredients & lab test with accredited labs to ensure potency & purity for accurate dosing. We strive to exceed industry standards and are continuously improving our approach for the patients we serve.

We were inspired by ‘The British Columbia Compassion Club Society’‘s model and are are grounding the vision for cannabis and holistic health in our local community.

Our signature product line heals the mind, body, & spirit in a way that honours & respects cannabis as a Spirit Plant Medicine ally for whole health & true healing.

Our product line is perfect for the conscious cannabis consumer & connoisseur. 

cosmic sister |

Cosmic Sister
® champions the rights of women, wilderness and wildlife, and the right to work with “sacred plants” and fungi—such as ayahuasca, peyote, iboga, San Pedro cactus, psilocybin mushrooms and cannabis—as “nature’s evolutionary allies.” Our focus is intentional journeying with these medicines in a safe, legal “set and setting,” from a women’s empowerment perspective. We have several interconnected educational advocacy projects in place, and we have hope for the future.