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Psychedelic Symposium & Cosmic Sister Fundraiser

Interested in learning about plant medicines? Want to meet the psychedelic community in Vancouver? Have questions about sacred plants?

About this Event

With the recent legalization of Cannabis and the rapid advancement of Psilocybin Mushrooms, we are witnessing a very exciting time. Our society is rediscovering the healing and spiritual uses of sacred plants and fungi as they have been used for centuries by ancient civilizations. However, sadly due to a number of horrific events and political campaigns throughout our history, such as Colonialism, The Witch Hunts, and The War on Drugs, the vast majority of our knowledge and teachings of the magical uses of these plants have been buried, prosecuted and demonized. This has resulted in the loss of our natural connection to being in relationship with plants, as well as our ceremonies, stories, and the sacred teachings from our elders who carry essential knowledge from their ancestors.

As amazing as the benefits of plant medicine can be, it is crucial to acknowledge that working with these magical plants requires a certain level of consciousness, respect and understanding. It is widely agreed upon that these plants are best used when proper consideration is given to set, setting, dosage, and intention, as there is a serious potential for harm when used without adequate knowledge and awareness. In acknowledgement of the immense healing potential and need for precaution that comes with the use of these plants, the Medicine Women have come together to organize an open discussion and community gathering to raise funds and awareness for a very important cause. It is time to open up space for the Women to Speak. 

Our intention for the afternoon is to hold space for attendees to receive valuable insights, ask questions, build community, join forces, and learn & grow together. 

We have gathered Magical Medicine Women from within the psychedelic community who have been working directly with plant medicines and are excited to share their knowledge with you. Many seeds of wisdom will be planted throughout this event, leaving you feeling nourished, grounded, and in closer alignment with the spirit of plant medicine. 

Aside from our wonderful speakers, you will also have an opportunity to meet and network with the precious and talented members of our community who come with gifts, treasures and services to share. We will be sharing specially selected vendors that will be showcasing a variety of unique services and specialty items!

Lastly, we are very excited to announce that we will be holding a silent auction as part of our fundraiser, with an incredible assembly of one of a kind gifts that we cannot wait to share with you! Up for bid are hand made, naturally molted and cruelty free smudge fans, created by Mari Hashimoto from Trillium Healing Path Follow Mari's inspiring instagram account @trilliumhealingpath to see the one of a kind gifts she receives from Spirit! Details for the silent auction are on her account. 

Following is our tentative schedule for the afternoon, the names of our powerful speakers, and some of the topics that will be touched on: 


11:00am Doors open~ Saging, Settling In, Vendor Booths open (Please find your seat and arrive before 11:30) 

11:30pm-1:30pm Wisdom sharing by Guest Speakers 

1:30pm-2:00pm Little stretch and Audience Q & A 

2:00pm-3:00pm Vendors, Silent Auction, Snacks and Refreshments 

2:45pm-3:00pm Announcement of Silent Auction Winners and Closing 



Antoinette Cruz

Cora Bilsker

Jag Dhaliwal 

Joanna Simundic 

Katalin Kálmán

Mia Cara Cosco

Sarah Bradshaw 

Selena Wong 

Vicky Bourgeois 


Anne Marie Armour

Celina Archambault



• How you can prepare and what you should know if you want to have a psychedelic journey

• How to handle a “bad trip”

• What to shop for when choosing a Shaman or Healer for psychedelic guidance 

• What is Integration work and whats involved in it? 

• How psychedelics work on healing and trauma

• Mixing psychedelics with antidepressants/prescriptions drugs 

• Where to find access to safe medicine

• Connecting to your intuition and your creativity with plant medicines


Additional Notes

***Must be 19+ to attend.***

To deeper connect and offer people medicine for social anxiety and make this into a peaceful and loving event, we will be sharing pre-rolls with the group! We will have a non-smoking section however the entire room will have the essence of Santa Maria. If you don't think you can be in the environment with her in the room, this event may not be the right fit for you. 

Ticket holders are allowed to bring their own medicine to consume during the event. 

100% of proceeds from the silent auction—plus additional donations—will go towards Cosmic Sister, an eco-feminist collective that helps bring women's voices to the forefront in the field of psychedelics. Please join Cosmic Sister on Instagram (@CosmicSister


More about The Medicine Women:

Antoinette Cruz | | IG: @dabzilla_antoinette 

Antoinette has a deep passion for her history and the history of colonialization, she claims the biggest gift Cannabis has given her is her identity. As an Indigenous woman, granddaughter of Residential School Survivors and daughter of a 60’s scoop victim, Antoinette feels first hand the negative toll Colonialism has taken on generations of indigenous peoples to present day. Antoinette is committed to health & wellness that is founded on ancient Indigenous culture and teachings. Dedicated to providing positive sustainable solutions, Antoinette’s goal is to engage and educate individuals, groups and/or governments prepared to create a revenue that will provide economic independence, while supporting growing communities in crisis such as identity loss, addictions, housing, clean water, education, healthy food supply, employment, and much more.

Anne Marie Armour, RSW: 

Anne-Marie is a conscientious and heart-centered social worker who passionately advocates for harm reduction, drug policy reform, and psychedelic medicine. Anne-Marie has worked in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, the epicentre of Canada’s opioid epidemic, for the past 5 years providing a variety of essential harm reduction services while mirroring warmth, love, and connection to the community. Anne-Marie also worked for the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Canada for 2.5 years, coordinating a large group of inspirational volunteers in efforts to raise money and awareness to further psychedelic research. Anne-Marie dreams of the day when her two professions merge, and psychedelic-assisted treatments are accessible healing modalities for our most marginalized community members. Anne-Marie believes that we are the experts in our own lives, and that with the careful use of psychedelics we can reconnect with own inner healing intelligences. Anne-Marie respects and acknowledges the traditional Indigenous roots of plant medicine and advocates for Indigenous healers and women to be at the forefront of the psychedelic renaissance.

Celina Archambault | | IG: @Plant_Tigress

Celina has had a strong relationship to healing and plant medicine for as long as she can remember. In 2010 she learned about a variety of plant medicines and how they were used for healing or spiritual purposes in ancient cultures throughout history. She quickly began connecting with the plant medicine world where she serviced and assisted in sacred plant medicine ceremonies. After receiving many gifts and insights from the plants, she felt it was time to share the magic with her community. Celina was co-organizer for the largest psychedelic conference in Canada, The Spirit Plant Medicine Conference in 2015-2017. She now works with a variety of plants and hosts yoga, meditation and wellness retreats. 

Cora Bilsker, RSW | | IG: nestedheartcounselling

Cora is a counsellor practicing in Victoria, Vancouver and online. She's not your typical counsellor, and has a deep love for embracing all that is unconventional while helping release clients of the enculturated shame they may hold around relationship styles, sexuality and, more recently, psychedelics. Cora is the co-founder of IDEAS (Integrating Diverse Experiences of Altered States) Victoria and is passionate about encouraging dialogue pre & post trip to help weave the strands of multiple worlds together to maintain congruence within ourselves. She practices from a nurturance lens, encouraging her clients to hold themselves with compassion and understanding, even in the midst of confusion or pain.

Jag Dhaliwal: (Details coming)

Joanna Simundic, RCSW, RCC:

Joanna is a Registered Clinical Social Worker and Registered Clinical Counselor. She is the sole founder and psychotherapist at Embracing Change Therapy, a private practice she started in 2013 supporting individuals in processing traumatic material using a variety of techniques such as: Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, Mindfulness, Internal Family Systems and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Joanna is one of Vancouver MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) Therapists providing MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy as part of the Phase III Clinical Research Trials. Joanna possess a wide array of experience working with trauma from her work in Medellin, Columbia working with marginalized youth, First Nations communities in Northern BC and also homeless youth in NFLD and Toronto ON. She also offers support with psychedelic preparation and integration support with individuals healing with various medicines using a harm reduction model. 

Katalin Kálmán MCP, RCC | |

Kata Kálmán is a Vancouver based Registered Clinical Counsellor with a private practice. She has a Master’s degree in English, and in Counselling Psychology, and also an MBA. Before becoming a therapist, she developed her own protocol for mindfulness-based organization development, and had her own business in corporate training and coaching. Because of her own personal healing journey, she became more and more interested in therapeutic, as opposed to organizational work. In her late 30s she changed her career to counselling. Her approach is trauma-based: her clientele deals with diverse presenting issues from clinical depression, to anxiety, eating disorder, dissociation, and addiction, which she views as coping mechanisms. In her private practice she offers traditional and alternative/progressive treatment options for working with the still lingering impacts of early childhood trauma – for renegotiating the terms with our coping mechanisms.

Mari Hashimoto: (Details Coming) IG: @trilliumhealingpath

Mia Cara Cosco:

Mia set out with a deep passion to heal hearts and minds by leading the first entheogenic research organization at UBC. As President of the first Psychedelic Society in Vancouver and patron of higher consciousness, she gathered scientific leaders, law enforcement, and researchers from around the world to educate and advance the academic acceptance of plant-based medicines and entheogens. Today, Mia co-leads Consciousness Hacking, boosting conscious businesses centred around AI, transformative technology, spiritual science, and quantum psychology.

Selena Wong: | IG: @selenasativa

Selena Wong has been a long time advocate for conscious cannabis cultivation, and is dedicated to nurturing the intimate, sacred relationship between Cannabis, grower, medicine maker, and consumer. Selena is living history, integrating ancient cultivation techniques & relational insights with Cannabis as a Sacred Plant Medicine in these modern times. As an outdoor cannabis grower, Selena has spent years developing a strong and healthy relationship with Cannabis, communing with nature and learning all she can, each cycle, from the master teachers that grow in her garden. She encourages others to navigate this booming industry with integrity, honor, and respect for this sacred and revered plant, as the quality and efficacy of the medicine produced is a direct reflection of the relationship between cannabis and humanity

Sarah Bradshaw: 

Sarah has taken the time to become a crone. Her journey has taken her through midwifery and home birth, home schooling and alternate learning, balancing career and family needs, culminating in a balanced vision of life. She has been growing medicinal and magickal plants since she was very young. She combines researchable data with intuitive connections to each plant. The exploration of how to become familiar with the plants and learning to connect with them as complete entities are the keystones to Sarah's approach to healing with plant allies by your side.


More about Cosmic Sister: IG: @cosmicsister

“Psychedelic Feminism” is a term coined by Cosmic Sister's founder, Zoe Helene, to describe a sub-genre of eco-feminism that embraces the power of psychedelics from a women’s empowerment perspective. Women have been forced to work within a broken system with an extreme power imbalance for millennia. This imbalance has warped and continues to warp the way we are evolving as a species. Our voices matter.

Cosmic Sister's Psychedelic Feminism educational advocacy initiative encourage women to explore the wilderness within, where they can grow, heal and learn more deeply about themselves, and where they can to explore core feminist issues in fresh and exciting ways. We promote intentional journeying with natural psychedelics in a safe, legal “set and setting,” and we help to bring women’s voices to the forefront in the field of psychedelics (and beyond).

Cosmic Sister currently offers an interconnected trio of merit-based Psychedelic Feminism educational advocacy grants—Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance, Cosmic Sisters of Cannabis and the original, immersive Plant Spirit Grant—support women’s voices in psychedelics and cannabis. 

Our new advocacy project, the Cosmic Sister Emerging Voices Educational Award, partners with psychedelic and cannabis events to offer merit-based complimentary tickets (and more) to outstanding individuals who demonstrate outstanding potential.

“When women support women, our power to create positive change rises in the collective consciousness. When more men choose to be allies, and that is demonstrated through actions, then hope doesn’t feel like wishful thinking. We can foster women’s voices until a true balance emerges, and only then will the psychedelic journey be fully reflected in our community.” - Zoe Helene, founder, Cosmic Sister 

#CosmicSister #PsychedelicFeminism

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