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Microdosing Master Plants 6 Week Course

Microdosing Master Plants 6 Week Course (Sunday evenings 7-9pm Jan 27-Mar 3)

The purpose of the course is to create space for people wanting to receive guidance from Plant and Fungi Medicines, as we call in our intentions for 2019. 

This course is designed to bring some structure along with some support on how to create a relationship to the plant spirits so we can learn from them best we can. 

We will all be on our own journey but will use the group as a way to share information that may be helpful with others.  We learn best from our own experiences, and by creating some special time to reflect and gather information that we receive as we move forward with the workshop. 

The guided meditations will give the participants some one-on-one time with themselves and a chance to receive insights from their chosen plant spirits. Each week's meditation will be a little different from the previous one but there will be some consistency, which will allow participants to go deeper as we move forward with the course.

What are you wanting to call in or receive support with for the new year?! More focus? More Energy? More Joy? There's a magical plant out there that can assist you and be of great support for the transition! 

You are welcome to choose any plant you feel that would be a good ally for new energies you want brought in for 2019. I have made a small list of some lovely plants people may be interested in, but make sure you choose the one that's calling to you!

Lavender (Stress, Insomnia, Anxiety)

Cacao (Heart Opener, Joy Activator, Mood-enhancer, Stimuant)

Cannabis (Anxiety, Depression, Creativity, Sleep)

Mugwort (Dream activator, Connecting to psychic abilities/visions)

Rose (Love, Forgiveness, Peace, Protection, Anxiety)

Mushrooms (Focus, Mental Clarity, Depression, Creativity (and many more reasons)

Blue or Red Lotus (Dream realm, sedative, relaxation)

Passionflower (Anxiety, Sleep, Mood)

Ginseng (Memory, Immune Support)

Nettle (Blood and skin Cleanser, joint and bone support)

Coca (Focus, Energy, Stimulant)

Kava (Anxiety, Sleep)

Dandelion (Liver detox, Cleanse, Immune Suport)

Turmeric (Anti-inflammatory, Joint Support, Immune support)

Any other plant of your choice!

We are so lucky to be able to offer the course at the beautiful Avicenna Holistic Centre located downtown on Robson St in Vancouver. The room is a cozy yoga studio with carpeted floors, a fire place and lovely art to feel comfortable in the room. Everyone will have a mat and some props ready for them upon arrival.

Course includes 5 classes at Avicenna on Sunday evenings from 7-9pm.  Please note Feb 10 there is no class, but participants will receive an emailed meditation they can do from home for that week. 

Jan 27th, Feb 3, Feb 17, Feb 24, Mar 3

Cost for the course:

 $166 if purchased January 1-15 

 $188 if purchased January 16-27

 For those unable to make it to the course in Vancouver, the course is available online! Course includes 6 meditations to be emailed out once a week and three 15 minute phone calls for $66

*Cost does not include medicine! 

***Class is limited to maximum of 12 participants. Please note you are only confirmed a spot after payment! Class is filling up quickly! To sign up, send an email and payment to


- Comfortable clothes for meditation (A yoga mat with a blanket and props will be set up for you upon arrival, so no need to bring a mat)

-Water Bottle (Optional) The clinic has a Kangen water machine, so you are welcome to fill up on good quality wanter

-eye cover for the guided meditations

-Students will be gifted a journal first day of class