Celina has had a strong relationship to healing and plant medicine for as long as she can remember. After completing certification in holistic nutrition, she opened up to learning about a variety of plant medicines and how they were used for healing or spiritual purposes in ancient cultures throughout history. Her curiosity led her into the plant medicine world where she began servicing in ceremonies. After receiving many gifts and insights from the plants, she felt it was time to share the magic with her community. In 2015-2017 Celina was co-organizer for the largest psychedelic conference in Canada, The Spirit Plant Medicine Conference. The successful conference brought in heavy hitters from the psychedelic scene including Dennis McKenna, Gabor Mate, Wade Davis, Chris Bennett, Chris Killham, Kathleen Harrison, Paul Stamets and many more.

In 2018 Celina travelled to Bali, Indonesia where she became a certified yoga teacher at The Mystical School Of Yoga Teacher Training. She became certified in both hatha and vinyasa style yoga and now offers intuitive flow which is her own take on working intuitively with her students and helping them move stuck energy or tension out of the body. Celina has been offering her own style of guided meditations for the past 4 years which she believes was gifted to her from the wisdom of the plants. She shares the divine recipe of ganja, yoga and meditations and offers the popular classes at Avicenna Holistic Center in Vancouver, B.C.

Celina spends her free time hanging out with magical plants, exploring herself through dance and yoga, as well as volunteering for MAPS Canada (The Multidisciplinary Association Of Psychedelic Studies).